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Crimebusters + Crossed Wires: Stories from This American Life (2 CDs)
Crimebusters + Crossed Wires: Stories from This American Life (2 CDs)
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It's our second double-disc, greatest hits collection - the perfect gift for that friend or loved one who you've been trying to explain This American Life to for years. Classics like Squirrel Cop—the now-infamous story of the rookie cops confounded by a squirrel on the run—are included alongside other favorites: the band assembled entirely from the classified ads, the Greatest Answering Machine Message of all time, debates about Flight Vs. Invisibility, and stories from Sarah Vowell and David Sedaris. The ten-story set yields two and a half hours of stories.

Story list:

Disc: 1
1. Squirrel Cop - A Police Officer Somewhere On The East Coast
2. Loser - fiction by Aimee Bender, read by Matt Malloy
3. Flight Vs. Invisibility - John Hodgman
4. Watching The Detective - Ira Glass
5. The Greatest Phone Message Of All Time - Jonathan Goldstein

Disc: 2
1. Jesus Shaves - David Sedaris
2. Say It To Me In Guy Language - Ira Glass
3. When The Wall Came Tumbling Down - A Teenager And His Dad
4. Everyone Speaks Elton John - Starlee Kine
5. Music Lessons - Sarah Vowell

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