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An Evening with Ira Glass and the New Kings of Nonfiction Crimebusters + Crossed Wires: Stories from This American Life (2 CDs) Your Guide to the Meltdown 4 CD Set
In this live recording, Ira is joined onstage by three amazing writers from his anthology: Malcolm Gladwell, Susan Orlean, and Chuck Klosterman.

In a very funny conversation, each writer discusses a passage from the others' work. It turns out Susan spends a shocking amount of time with her interviewees. Malcolm had a story he was sure would be his magnum opus, but no one else saw it that way. Chuck explains how he's able to write so much. And a side by side comparison of Chuck Klosterman and Dante catches everyone off-guard.
It's our second double-disc, greatest hits collection - the perfect gift for that friend or loved one who you've been trying to explain This American Life to for years. Classics like Squirrel Cop—the now-infamous story of the rookie cops confounded by a squirrel on the run—are included alongside other favorites: the band assembled entirely from the classified ads, the Greatest Answering Machine Message of all time, debates about Flight Vs. Invisibility, and stories from Sarah Vowell and David Sedaris. The ten-story set yields two and a half hours of stories. You've probably heard the award-winning economics reporting that Alex Blumberg, Adam Davidson and the Planet Money team have been doing on This American Life. You know, the stories that made you think that maybe finance isn't the most boring thing ever. This set collects four of their full-hour shows: "The Giant Pool of Money," "Another Frightening Show about the Economy," "Bad Bank" and "The Watchmen." Plus this set has really beautiful packaging designed by Irwin Chen and Omnivore and liner notes by Alex and Adam. View more images and views of this aesthetically pleasing set by clicking on the picture above.
USB with 35 HOURS of Shows USB with Unreleased Interviews

This may be the best piece of merchandise we've ever created. It is certainly the most stuff we've ever crammed into one item. It's a custom molded 2GB USB drive - a 3D version of our logo, where the word "THIS" is a removable cap - filled with 35 favorite of the radio show, hand picked by host Ira Glass. Not enough? It also includes the entire video of our 2009 stage show that went live to movie theaters. So That's 35 HOURS of This American Life radio episodes, plus an hour and a half of video, all contained in a little 2 1/2" tall flash drive. Plug it into any computer and play them off of the drive, or copy them into your iTunes or media player. The drive can be re-used to store your data, and comes in a smart little protective metal tin (not pictured). It's a perfect gift for introducing someone to the show, or for someone who's already a fan. Only $35 (for $61 worth of stuff - $35 to download the shows, $16 for the video and $10 for a custom USB drive). Click here to see the full list of shows, and listen to Ira Glass talking about this item.

We hereby present our newest piece of merchandise, a custom-molded USB drive (with entirely different content than our first one) with more than a dozen interviews that Ira Glass has conducted on stage over the years, with luminaries such as TV host Rachel Maddow, author Michael Lewis ("The Big Short"), oral historian Studs Terkel, artist Chris Ware, comedian Jeff Garlin ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"), filmmaker Joss Whedon, composer (and Ira's cousin) Philip Glass, and more. Plus a few people turn the microphone on Ira, including Terry Gross and writer Dave Eggers. Fourteen interviews in total, most of which have never been available before. It also includes a 90 minute video of the This American Life staff on stage, talking about how we put the show together. Plus (yes, this is starting to feel like an infomercial for a blender) — plus seven of Ira's favorite recent episodes of the radio show. That's all on a little USB flash drive shaped like the logo of our radio show, in handsome black and white. Just remove the cap (The word "THIS"), plug into any computer, and check out these rare interviews and classic episodes.